Macbook Pro Retina CPU upgrade

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[Result: Macbook Pro Retina CPU upgrade]

Item: MBP 15 2013
CPU replaced from: Core i7-4960HQ 2.6Ghz to i7-4750HQ 2.0Ghz (downgrade for cheaper solution)

Status: Success, display shows up on screen.

Sesape yg teka fail tu bleh tarik balik dah, hehehe

Conclusion from this repair:
1. You can upgrade/downgrade your cpu to meet Configure To Order spec. It is possible? Yes, its proven here but not an easy task.
2. Only mess with major chip like this when youre sure what youre doing(confirm with schematics)
3. Proper Reverse Engineering on logic board can repair almost anything , cuma mahal atau murah je.

Next step: Cleaning BIOS efi.
“Reverse Engineering at its best”