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Difference Between “AP” And “Ori” Phones

Ditulis pada : November 11, 2020


Original set means “mobile phone” bought from an authorized distributor, does not mean that devices sold in informal stores are not original, but the risk remains. The price of the original set is often more expensive than other sets due to taxes imposed by the government and the purchase is through the distributor (distributors also want to profit). Guarantee for the original set is the real priority, i.e. the guarantee provided by this authorized distributor can be claimed at any authorized distributor branch nationwide. In contrast to the guarantees provided by the AP set and recond.


The AP set is actually also the original set, but it is not sold through authorized distributors. AP set can also be said to have entered Malaysia through an illegal and unknown distributor. This includes through wholesale purchases by merchants from ebay, or direct purchases from overseas. The price offered is lower than the original set price, but the guarantee is very limited. Restricted here means the guarantee can only be claimed at the store that sells the smart device and cannot be claimed through an authorized distributor. For example, you bought a Samsung AP set device from Alor Setar but you live in Kuala Lumpur. If the device has any problems, you need to refer to the store you bought in Alor Setar. The quality of the AP set is the same as the original set.

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