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Hardisk Damaged? When Does It Need To Change?

Ditulis pada : September 4, 2020
  • 1.Your computer took too long for the booting process or during shutdown.
  • 2.During the boot process it gets stuck in a prep at a very long rate
  • 3.If you go through the Copy & Paste process it takes a long time to complete
  • 4. Makes noise during the boot process.
  • 5.It is very difficult to create a partition and format even if I want to reformat it
  • 6. There are many Bad sectors in your HD if seen using HD care software
  • 7. Receive HD File instructions on black Screen
  • 8. The computer continues to darken even though the power button and monitor are still on ( HD file)


If your HD is left unattended, you will not be able to enter anything else to boot into Windows. I recommend if you see symptoms from 1 to 8 above, quickly back up any important data you have before your HD fails and crack

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