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How To Install “Tempered Glass” Properly On A Smartphone

Ditulis pada : August 29, 2020

Installing screen protector on the screen of a smart device is a necessity, especially if the device purchased costs thousands of ringgit.

1 ready tools

clean the desk space you want to do the installation, make sure it is free from contaminants or dirt dust that can affect the quality of installation.

2 Clean the device screen

Use a soft piece of cloth to remove all the dirt on the screen, usually the fabric will be provided with the protective suit you bought. Use the liquid alcohol provided to perform the cleaning process.

3Remove the protector

On the “Tempered Glass” that you want to install, there is a protective plastic layer that needs to be removed for you to start the installation process on the screen, Remove slowly and carefully so as not to stain the “Tempered Glass”.

4Target the Protective Position

When placing the protector on the screen of the device, be sure to adjust the position of the protector to be parallel to the screen of the device. Do it carefully.

5 last touch-up

clean all dirt on the protector and at the same time correct the position of the protector if necessary.

That’s just a little sharing for this time, hopefully useful. thank you!

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