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Top 5 Best DSLR Cameras

Ditulis pada : October 21, 2020

In position five is the Nikon D5500 with a selling price of about 30 dollars. This camera is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a lightweight and practical mirrorless DSLR camera. In terms of the quality of the resulting image, this camera can be said to be very friendly with minimal light and will not produce images with excessive noise. The Nikon D5500 also comes with WiFi connectivity, a screen that can be rotated in selfie, touchscreen and supports 1080

The Canon EOS 1300D has buttons that are not too complicated and you can get it at a very reasonable price, which is only about 5 million. Just by studying in a few days, you will feel familiar with all the features of this DSLR camera. Not only equipped with a simple operating system, the Canon EOS 1300D also has WiFi connectivity and is capable of supporting 1080p video recording. However, the Canon EOS 1300D still uses a sensor with a resolution of 18 Mp which was a feature last year and has not yet been developed.

Nikon D5300 DSLR camera which is sold for around 6 million. The Nikon D5300 is one of the best SDLR camera opi and highly recommended for those of you who are studying photography. Nikon has indeed renewed this type of camera with the two latest series, but the reason for the price makes the Nikon D5300 still the best option that makes consumers fall in love with it. In addition to being equipped with a 24.2 Mp sensor, the Nikon D5300 is also equipped with WiFi connectivity and has supported 1080p video recording. Definitely makes the Nikon D5300 one of the best in the DSLR camera market.

Canon EOS 750D which is priced at the price of this dslr camera around 9 million. One of the advantages of this DSLR camera is that it is located at a resolution of 24 Mp with an autofocus system that can be increased to 19 points. In other words you can practice aiming images from different angles thanks to the more varied distribution of focal points. The Canon EOS 750D also features WiFi connectivity, supports 1080p video recording, touchscreen and even comes with a playable screen for selfie positioning. Probably the selling price is quite expensive for you who are still a beginner, especially when compared to other types of DSLR cameras in its class. However, the quality you can get guaranteed will not betray you.

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