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the most powerful ways to overcome a slow laptop

Ditulis pada : October 20, 2020

Often upset because the laptop is suddenly slow? Even though he is busy doing his favorite drakor task or marathon (Korean drama)? Confused how to laptop so as not to slow down again? do not worry calmly, because the following will discuss the most powerful ways to use your sloppy laptop.

Clean the Desktop

Are you one of those people who often puts application shortcuts on the desktop or the initial appearance of a laptop as a bypass so you do not bother to find the location of the application? If so, stop the habit immediately. In addition, clean your desktop wisely and choose the application shortcuts that you often use only.

Why is that? This is because, without realizing it, placing too many application shortcuts on the desktop will make your laptop take longer to respond and do what the user does (in short, this makes your laptop slow). Although basically the placement of many application shortcuts on the desktop does not have much effect on the performance of laptops that have internal memory with large space, but of course this is very risky on laptops with internal memory that is not too large.

Uninstall Unused Applications

One of the main causes of slow laptops is the result of too many applications residing in them. Though the application is rarely used or even never used. This makes the C drive on the laptop too full. So that reading data on the hard disk also takes longer than usual.

That is why the easiest way to overcome a slow laptop is to remove or uninstall the applications that have never been used. It is able to make the performance of drive C better and faster. So even a slow laptop will never happen.

Use Required Applications

If Laptop In addition to deleting applications that have never been used, it would be good if you are also wise in using the application. Use the application alternately or as needed. Because using too many applications and at the same time will only make the application become longer in responding to work orders and make your laptop slow.

Well to solve the problem, then use the application that is only needed at the same time. Also, clean the RAM by closing unused applications. You can also use the task manager to clean the laptop RAM, if you do not want to do it manually. If you want more actual, you can upgrade the RAM of your laptop by buying the memory that fits in your pocket.

Remove Application at Startup

The next way to keep the laptop from slowing down is to use as many applications as possible in startup. For those of you who do not know what a startup is, start up is the time when the laptop starts working or operating. The most common application that you find on start up is an anti-virus application.

In addition to the essential applications required, do not include applications at startup as much as possible. However, if it is already done do not forget to remove and delete applications that are not very important in start up. Because the applications that are in start up will make working in the background. It is also capable of consuming RAM capacity that can be used.

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