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Your sound not clear when receiving calls

Ditulis pada : October 6, 2020

Learn what to do if you cannot hear a person’s voice clearly during phone calls.

Applicable for all OPPO smartphones.

When you are on a call or listening to Voicemail on your OPPO phone, you might not hear the voice clearly, or you might hear echoes, crackling and static sounds.

Check your location

When you are located in a no signal zone, you might hear noises during phone calls. Make sure to use your phone in an area within your operator ‘s network coverage.

Adjust the volume and mode

Adjust the volume with the volume buttons during phone calls. Make sure that you can see the volume indicator appearing on the screen when you press the volume buttons. You can also switch from receiver to speaker when you are on a call.

* If the voice sounds normal when on speaker, check your receiver instead. If you still can’t hear clearly, then your phone system or network operator could be the issue.

Check and clean the receiver

  • The receiver won’t work properly if it’s blocked or dirty. Clean the receiver with a clean and soft-bristled brush or cotton bud.
  • Remove the phone case or screen protector that might block the receiver, then test again.

Check the connected accessories

  1. If your OPPO phone is connected to a headset, make sure it is plugged in firmly. Rotate the headset plug and check if the sound is clear. If a Bluetooth headset is connected, go to [Settings] > [Bluetooth] and reconnect the headset.
  2. Try the headset on other phones and see if it works properly.
  3. Clean the headset plug and remove any obstructions from the headset jack.

Restart the phone and update software version

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